The Second Time Around

As Dr. John J. Medina, a molecular biologist, said, when acquiring new learning skills, it is best when you, “Repeat to remember and remember to repeat“. I am proud to report; I shaved nearly 45 minutes off my packing today by repeating some of yesterday’s routine. Although the bicycle still needs help standing, it was much less stressful today. 

As promised, here is the first day’s result. I painted the second phase this morning in hopes of gaining enough information to finish the painting in the studio. I use to finish all my paintings on location, but now I want to experiment with paint quality, refinement of color relationships, and try to develop more of a psychological approach to painting. My ultimate goal for my finished work is to get the viewer to feel the same emotion as I did when I was compelled to paint it.

Plein air painters don’t have time to develop such refined experimentation because they are too busy chasing the light while studio painters miss the beautiful colors of natural light by trying to paint outdoor scenes indoors. This should be a VERY INTERESTING development. To be continued…..

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