Teaching a Passion for Painting- Anita Hampton


High Expectations

Most of the time, our artistic expectations keep us from finding our passion for painting. Did you know art is one of the oldest professions, if not the oldest profession in the world? Most people think of art as a hobby and a luxurious pastime for those with more time and money on their hands. What makes matters worse is when we and others assume if someone can’t draw, they don’t have talent, therefore why try to paint. Sound familiar? Yet, with other forms of art like dance, music, writing, and any other profession, we understand it takes a lot of practice to do something well. How is it possible we think we can’t draw or paint based on a few attempts? Where did we get such high expectations in art?

The Real Obstruction – Not Believing in Yourself

I have come to believe much of painting and drawing is learned just by doing. During my many years of teaching, I see new painters with a lot of painting potential. I often wonder what their work would look like if they believed in themselves. It saddens me when painters complain about not having enough time or finances to paint. There are ways to overcome these blockages with the use of sheer will and a little imagination. The real obstruction when finding passion for painting is not believing in yourself.

Believing in yourself is the critical factor that will make or break your will to do anything well. Only you can stop this obstruction for yourself. Professionals can help motivate you for a short while, but it comes down to your will to change old thoughts to make new things happen. Finding money and time for practice while developing a passion can always be found by exercising commitment and a little imagination.

Striking a Cord – Paint on a Budget

While writing my last blog about talent versus passion, I realized painting is expensive for many people, especially during the times we live in today. So I have come up with a plan I hope will benefit you. I am going to help remove much of the money factors from your plate. If you are lucky enough to have extra finances available, what I am about to do should benefit you as well. We are going to learn how to paint using limited supplies. Painting with minimum materials also eliminates much confusion during the learning process because it offers more control while achieving primary objectives and oil painting concepts. Together, we will call this mini-series, Finding My Passion – Learn to Paint on a Budget.

Also check out my video tutorial on how to save money on brushes.

Here is an Opportunity to See if You Have a Passion for Painting

This mini-series should be a lot of fun. Here on my blog, I will keep you posted on my progress while organizing and preparing lesson plans. These updates will give you an idea of what to expect. If you prefer, you can subscribe to my channel, and we will notify you when this series begins. I will also be developing free templates that you can download from my channel to help build self-confidence. The series is entirely free, except for a few materials you will need to purchase. I promise to make this easy for you as well. You will be able to participate at your own pace according to your schedule. Isn’t today’s technology incredible? Let me know if you are interested in this adventure by giving me a thumbs up or send me a comment below. Stay tuned!

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