Paintbrushes on Canvas Anita Hampton

Next Week I’m Coming Up for Air

At 2:00 am this morning, I realized I missed Thursday’s cycling post, and now being Friday evening, there is also NO video to be found from the Cycling Painter. During times like these, I realize I am a painter and NOT a computer specialist.

Next week I have got to take a breather and paint at my easel for my sanity if for nothing else. Not being able continue in all prima on that seascape I started a week ago, I know I will be faced with some new paint challenges I have not experienced for some time.

Frederick Waugh, one of our greatest seascape painters of all time, was said never to leave his easel until his painting was completed. Although he painted in his studio much of the time, he felt wet paint was conducive to the textures of the moving tides. There is a lot to be said about alla prima painting! I will be reminded of those differences when I am at my easel.