Natural Light Painting Anita Hampton

Natural Light – Letting Nature Take My Course

Natural light makes for an excellent painting scene. Such a scene is easy to find around the shores of the back bay in Los Osos. When arriving at this beautiful and familiar area, something led me in the direction where I knew there was nothing noteworthy to paint. 

Natural light then smacked me between the eyes. Suddenly a veil of natural light exposed an array of colors. An ethereal-like setting in an area that is typically far too busy and uninteresting for a decent composition appeared. The Natural light had turned a chaotic view into a scene of magnificence.

The subject matter dictated my painting rhythms, washing away all thoughts of fighting with the fleeting winter light to capture a finished painting. Interacting and experiencing the site was a privilege that filled and nourished my soul.

I hope to get back to the site and complete the painting. One always runs a risk when going back to a location another day because the light can dramatically change. All I can do is hope for the best and keep visiting the site around the same time. If it is meant to be, it shall be.

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