Natural Beauty Kaleidoscope oil painting by Anita Hampton

New Years Greetings from Mother Nature

Mother Nature continually surprises me with her natural beauty. While walking down a narrow hiking trail looking for my first painting site in 2021, it didn’t take long to stumble upon this scene. Mother Nature suddenly revealed a vivid display of natural colors peeking through a curtain of pampas grass. This small wetland area is filled with an array of brilliant vegetation.

I immediately thought of a kaleidoscope I played with as a child. I was always fascinated by all the colors and textures it produced over a slight wrist twist. Nature had greeted me into the new year through her kaleidoscope of color display. In turn, and as best I can, I pass this wish onto you.  Have a productive and safe new year, and may you create many outdoor adventures and experience many beautiful colors in 2021! 

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