How to Find Time for Painting


“How does one find the time to oil paint?” This question was recently posted on my channel requesting my response. Since we all have different demands and lifestyles, I can only share solutions that helps me find more time to paint. Perhaps you will find the following information helpful as well. 

It is hard to find time to oil paint when under so many demands today. Life pulls us in many directions. Commitments such as family, jobs, duties, and other social obligations are always present in everyone’s lives. Finding the time to paint is a common question we all face more than we care to admit.

Prioritize Your Time

Priority lists help me when I need to set more time aside for painting. I like to divide a piece of paper in half lengthwise. On one side, I list all my current obligations and commitments, including painting. Once the list is complete, I cross out responsibilities I can eliminate. On the other side of the paper, I prioritize the remaining commitments I want to keep by placing what is most important first. A checkmark is made next to the obligations where I can cut back on time I devote to them. The entire list is analyzed by placing the amount of time I want to spend on each per week. Seeing this list on paper helps me get a realistic view of what is most important to me.

Make a Calendar

I locate a calendar and plot out my newly revised plan of obligations with the time placed next to each in pencil. When the calendar is complete, I hang it on my refrigerator where I can see it daily. The calendar is convenient and easy for me to make any changes or adjustments to the new plan.

Patterns are hard to change. When I find myself falling back into old habits, I revisit the plan and make minor changes where needed. Practicing and repeating as much of my new plan is essential for developing and changing new and old patterns. Each time I review my list, I always find more time to oil paint. I hope you will too.

How do you find time to oil paint? Please share in the comments section below!

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