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Hang in There!

My heart is aching for everyone everywhere! Due to the Coronavirus, being housebound can be a jolt to our physiques over a period of time. Keeping busy helps from going stir crazy.

I can talk to my web designer to see what I can do to post a short video for us, hopefully within a week. The video I am thinking of was designed to help adults figure out how to make painted objects appear round, so their paintings give an illusion of having a third dimension, more often referred to as depth.

All a painter really needs for this exercise is one dark color and one light color. For example, white or a very light yellow can be used for the light color and brown, gray, dark green, or black for the dark. Extremes are best in this case as it will offer a wider range of mixtures.

As far as painting equipment is concerned, if you don’t have access to artist’s supplies at home, you can paint on paper taped to the cardboard using any kind of paint with an old makeup brush or small house painting brush for example. Just make sure you don’t mix water and oil-based paint together and be sure to use the proper cleaning fluid for your paint and brushes when changing color mixtures and for final cleanup. In addition, be sure the area you paint upon is protected from spills and leakages, including yourself. An old rag or cloth towel can be used to wipe the brush from any unwanted paint or excess moisture.

Now is the time to use your imagination and good common sense as you set up your equipment and area for painting. For example, for your palette to mix colors on, you might try a white plastic cutting sheet once used to cut veggies or any other non-absorbent disposable surface that you no longer want. Just make sure whatever you use does NOT have leakages, or you will have a mess to clean afterward. And don’t forget to use a plastic drop cloth or old plastic table cloth once used on picnic tables to protect the surface you will be working on. If you don’t want to go to the trouble and if I am able to do this, I hope you will watch the video for fun. It should give you basic insights into a painter’s mind when they create paintings. And YES, professional painters use BOTH SIDES OF THEIR BRAIN during the creative process.

Hang in there, stay well, safe, and keep busy with whatever choices you make!

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