Anita Hampton Blog-Rain or Shine

Come Rain or Shine – Bigger is Better

Ignoring heavy coastal fog, I dusted off my brushes and went painting. Barely seeing the cars in front of me as I searched for a site, I spotted a tree grouping I thought would make a great tutorial study. I decided to set up, hoping the fog would eventually lift once I got the canvas covered with paint before adding details.  
I taped the exercise, knowing if the conditions worked right, it would create a perfect situation for showing the advantages this workflow has on a painting. Just like clockwork, after the canvas was covered with paint, the fog began to lift. The session shows how utilizing large shapes from the start provides the painter a better and more creative, and enjoyable painting experience. Bigger is better when it comes to painting. I hope you will experience some new valued insights into how this can benefit your painting experiences in my upcoming Tips & Tricks video. See you there!