From Passion to Profession


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“Art is a projection of the personality of the man who painted it.”

– John Canaday

The Cycling Painter Anita Hampton
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I have been a professional painter and instructor of fine art most of my life. I painted my first oil painting at age 12 and have been in love with the medium ever since. My career has taken me to some of the most beautiful places nature has to offer, including the central shores of California, where I have lived for over 35 years.


My hobby grew into a profession in my late 20s. [1]I found myself winning awards, exhibiting work in galleries, museums, giving lectures and demonstrations, developing oil painting curriculums, and teaching painting workshops throughout the country and abroad. My work is published and listed in Who’s Who in American Art.


Some people say I possess a natural talent. I believe ability is often confused with passion and burning desire to make each work better from the last. Much like other creative professionals, knowledge and practice improve the performance of a painter.


Contrary to common thought since the ’60s, using the left brain and implementing art theory were no obstructions to a painter’s natural growth and creativity. Instead, knowledge challenges the analytical brain and the imagination of an artist. This philosophical, social change in academia around the country made the study of painting theory a commodity hard to find.


I found the best sources of instruction were through art history and early “how-to-paint” books written by master artists and published during the ’40s and ’50s. As I continued my lifelong research of painting theories and novice attempts to put these theories into practice, I crossed paths with several mentors. Lawrence Beane, Dr. Darwin Musselman, Mace Taylor, Joyce Pike, Joan Irvine Smith, Jean Stearn, and Dr. David Saari were inspirational advisors and mentors that helped take my work to new heights.


Creating art is the process of visually expressing one’s thoughts, feelings, and philosophies of the world seen through the eyes of its creator. As you look deep into a painting, it gives you a visual image and insights into the creator’s soul. I hope you enjoy my creations of the world I experience. It gives me great pleasure to share my life and paintings with you.


[1] An extensive biography will be remitted upon request.